Our Curriculum

When developing the activities for Young Explorers Enrichment Center, our desire is to provide a wide range of opportunities for learning. Which includes a well-balanced mixture that develops academic, social, physical, and emotional skills in a Christian environment, while giving Explorers the chance to develop skills, and interests they might not otherwise be able to explore. Service learning projects and other hands-on activities cultivate positive character traits and enhance Explorers sense of community.

Summe Camp Curriculum

Developing Math Concepts

Kathy Richardson

Make number concepts come alive with hands-on activities that help Explorers see and feel math!


The books in the Developing Number Concept series provide everything teachers require to meet the range of needs in their classrooms and ensure success for all students. Concepts are developed through both teacher-directed and independent activities. We believe Explorers learn at different rates, the activities are "expandable," making it easy for teachers to differentiate their instruction. The program is ideal for math enrichment and  intervention programs.


Activities from this series are aligned to the assessments results from Assessing Math Concepts enabling teachers to target their instruction to the needs of each student.

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Summer Bridge Activities 

Summer Bridge Activities keeps the fun and the sun in summer break! Designed to prevent a summer learning gap and keep kids mentally and physically active, the hands-on exercises can be done anywhere. These standards-based activities help kids set goals, develop character, practice fitness, and explore the outdoors. With 12 weeks of creative learning, Summer Bridge Activities keeps skills sharp all summer long!

Bible School Curriculum

All-Together Now series is an undated curriculum set of 4 volumes for ministries with children aged 4 to 12 (Kindergarten to 6th Grade). Each volume has 13 lessons and the series totals 52 lessons for a full year's worth of teaching material. It's a great resource for smaller churches, midweek services, or anytime you have children of different ages together in church: 

Volume 3 (Spring Break/Summer)  Children study the last days of Jesus' life on earth during Holy Week, his resurrection and ascension, and more miraculous events of the early church in Acts. In Volume 3 children will learn:

  • No matter what happens, God's timing is perfect.

  • Praying can help us stand strong.

  • Jesus shows us the right path.

  • Plus other important lessons from the Gospel of John and the Book of Acts

Volume 4 (Summer), study and learn from Joshua, David, Abigail and Elijah to learn who God is, what He does, and why He should matter in our lives. In Volume 4 children learn:

  • With God's help, we can be strong and courageous.

  • We can always trust God's instructions.

  • No matter what others do, God wants us to follow him.

  • Plus other important lessons from the Old Testament.

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